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Use the opportunity to explore topics of interest by playing every time you unlock your phone. Or just play and explore without limits! Make good use of your time!

An innovative approach that combines fun and usefulness.

Play, explore, create on Lockscreen and more!

  • Built-in games on different topics, suitable for all ages: math, words in different languages, chemistry, etc.

  • Game builder - ability to add your own games and missions that you want to play and explore

  • Bonus mini-games from different genres : match cards, collect items, etc.

  • Ability to enable several games at the same time, so each time the mission will be shown from different sources.

  • Several modes of difficulty of the game: training, quiz, truth-lie, which can be adjusted for each game separately.

  • Several types of boosters make it easier to play and explore.

  • Ability to track your progress and achievements in real-time for each game.

  • Ability to mark already explored missions to exclude them from the list for display.

  • A list of completed missions, which can always be returned to the game for repetition. 

  • New games and missions - COMING SOON !!!


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