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Game Builder

Game Builder

There are two ways to create your own game :

1. By uploading a file with all the missions in their entirety
2. Directly in the application itself, adding missions one by one using in-game builder

Important :

  • To create a game, you need at least 4 unique missions and a unique game name

  • If you are creating a game through a file, then it must be in the format CSV

  • The description field when creating each mission is optional

1. Tutorial for creating a game from a file

There are amount of steps :


1. First of all let's create and fill the file with our game. Please open the new google sheets file or download

this template and open in google sheets or in other program that support CSV format. You can do it on your PC or directly on you mobile device.

2. If you have created the new google sheets file - do changes according the picture below.

You can change "Game Example" name to the name of your game.

Create from file

3. Please fill the table by your own missions (Minimum 4 missions required). For example like in the picture below. Filling of the descriptions row is optional.

4. Download/Save it in CSV format.

5. Upload it to google drive. (if you are creating the game from the mobile device yo can skip this step)

6. Congratulations! Now we have our game as text file. So let's use it in the Unlockit game. Please open Unlockit application on your mobile device and press on "GAMES" top button.

7. Please press on Game Builder button.

8. Please press on Create Game From File button.

9. Please allow access to files on your device, we need it for upload file to game.

10. Choose the path to the CSV file (Downloads/Files folder). If you have uploaded the file to google drive - choose the drive.

12. If all is good - you will see this message, press "OK" to continue..

There are amount of steps :


1. Please go to the "GAMES" screen and press "Game Builder" button.

Create In-game

2. Tutorial for creating a game using in-game builder


2. Press on "+" button for adding new mission.


3. Please fill all required fields by the mission/question that you would like to learn and press "Add" button.


4. Do step 2-3 at least 3 times more. If you want more missions in your game - do it more times.


5. Last step is adding the name of your game.


6. Please press create.


7. If all is good - you will see this message, press "OK" to continue..

Start playing

Well, let's enable our created game.

Let's start playing!

Let's choose the game!

Please close the "GAMES" screen.


Well done! You are now ready to play in your created game! Good Luck!

Play & Make Games, Not War.

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